PD Respiratory Products
Did You Know PD Supply Respiratory Components?

As you may have heard, there was a recent announcement from various governments regarding an urgent demand in ventilator production. In response to this, we wanted to ensure our valued customers were staying safe and adequately prepared. If you are affected and require additional parts, we are here to support you. Please advise our team of any parts you may require.

ROSS Controls MCSE Series
MCSE Series Safety Exhaust Double Valve

ROSS Controls® introduces its new internal monitored MCSE Series safety exhaust (dump) valves with EEZ-ON® Soft Start function for Category-4, PL e machine guarding applications.

New! The Eclipse: Proportional Isolation Valve
New! The Eclipse: Proportional Isolation Valve

Known for reliability, innovation and focus on precision flow controls, Clippard’s new revolutionary Eclipse utilises the industry’s most robust and powerful miniature linear actuator. This patent pending stepper-controlled proportional valve leads the industry in performance and durability

Infinity Piping, Fixings, Accessories
Infinity Compressed Air Piping, Fixings & Accessories

Infinity offers the first all metal piping system, specifically designed with energy saving in mind. It’s extremely smooth, corrosion-free pipe, complimented with easy install fittings and our patented zero condensate tee, combine to keep the fluid flow laminar; therefore reducing turbulence, minimising pressure drop, and removing condensation.

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#1 in Pneumatic Valves and Compressed Air Safety

Pneumatics Direct Australia’s – Product Range

Infinity Pipe Systems quality compressed air piping, fixings & accessories. High-performance modular aluminium piping systems, easy to install and simple to extend or modify.

Clippard are manufacturers of pneumatic and electronic control devices. Clippard are used virtually everywhere for control, interface, sensing, logic and actuation functions.

ROSS Controls are manufacturers of large industrial pneumatic valves, controls systems and safety products for the fluid and compressed air power industry.

ControlAir is a leading manufacturer of precision air pressure regulators, I/P transducers, E/P transducers, P/I transducers, valve positioners, air relays, volume boosters, air filter regulators and frictionless diaphragm air cylinders.

Complete Compressed Air and Pneumatic Control Solutions

Pneumatics equipment supplier, Pneumatics Direct Australia Logo

Pneumatics Direct Australia provide pneumatic valves and controls are designed to suit the specific compressed air systems requirements based on maximised energy savings and safety. Our high performance, corrosion resistant components have been specifically designed to eliminate fluid leakage and prevent pressure loss. Guaranteeing the most efficient results possible. Not only does this minimise expenditure, but it is also better for the environment.

Pneumatics Direct Australia is locally owned and operated in Western Australia; however, we have a large and constantly growing number of distributors located across Australia and New Zealand. We boast a team of fully qualified sales representatives, dedicated to providing each customer with industry-leading expertise and the most innovative solution for every job.

The company was established in 2003, specialising in the supply of quality and innovative pneumatic valves and controls. With a vast range of compressed air solutions products including airline, filtration, fittings, hoses and reels, couplings, valves, cylinders, tubing and industrial safety valves, we are committed to providing only the best, most advanced products on the market in order to satisfy the growing demand for pneumatic and control technology.

Pneumatics Direct Australia Controls and Valves for a complete compressed air solutions