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Pneumatics Direct Australia is the master distributor of Clippard Minimatic & Maximatic pneumatic control valves in Australia.

Clippard control valves are available as pneumatic and electronic control devices. A full range of miniature control valves and standard pneumatic control valves are suitable for a two-step manufacturing machine process, to a complex automation of sophisticated machinery. Clippard Minimatic and Maximatic pneumatic control valves are used virtually everywhere to control, interface, sensing, logic and actuation functions.

The Clippard Minimatics range includes stainless steel cylinders, solenoid control valves, air pilot valves and a large variety of pneumatic fittings and tubing.

Clippard Minimatics and Maximatic pneumatic control valves are manufactured for the following industries;

  • Automated manufacturing
  • Dental
  • Robotics
  • Automotive
  • Biomedical

Clippard Maximatic pneumatic valve controls compliment Clippard Minimatic or miniature pneumatic valve controls product range delivering great efficiency for industrial applications.

At Pneumatics Direct Australia, we offer a complete range of miniature and standard pneumatic control valves to suit a wide range of industrial applications. For assistance contact our pneumatic valve technical support team today.

Proportional Valves

For optimal controllability, proportional valves provide output proportional to input. These types of valves are ideal for applications which require variable flow control.

Electronic Valves

Clippard revolutionised the electronic valve market with a line of miniature valves that are fast response, low power, and customisable for any application.

Manual Control Valves

Clippard manual control valves include toggle and stem valves, limit valves, lever, arm and foot pedal actuated valves, palm button valves and more.

Isolation Valves

Isolation valves are devices that isolate a valve’s actuation mechanism from the media being moved. These valves commonly used for a wide variety of applications.

Air Pilot Valves

Air pilot valves are ideal for control in remote and miniature pneumatic applications where higher airflow and/or lower power are required.

Fittings, Hoses,Tubing

Choose from a large variety of miniature pneumatic hose and tubing from copper and nylon tubing to flexible urethane and vinyl.

Electronic Flow & Pressure Controllers

The Clippard Cordis is a revolutionary microcontroller primed for escape velocity from a proportional control market that has grown stagnant.

Custom Pneumatic Controls

Pneumatics Direct Australia can assist Clippard to design and build a custom control valve to suit your exact needs.