ROSS Controls

Pneumatic Equipment

Pneumatics Direct Australia is the master distributor of ROSS Controls in Australia and New Zealand.

ROSS Controls is a global leader and international manufacturer of large industrial pneumatic valves, controls systems and safety products for the fluid and compressed air power industry.

ROSS has been designing and supplying the “industry standards” of safety products for pneumatic energy isolation (LOTO) and control reliable double valves to the Press metal-forming industry in clutch/brake applications and the general manufacturing sector for decades. ROSS specialise in the following industries; Safety, Glass, Aluminium Smelting, Steel, Press Metal Forming, Packaging, Assembly & Test and Automotive.

ROSS can help make jobs safer, protect customer investments in machinery, and increase productivity with pneumatic valve application.

If you are interested in a ROSS Controls product or would like assistance from one of our trained pneumatic specialists, contact Pneumatics Direct today.

Energy Isolation – Lockout Valves, Safety Exhaust Valves for Clutch/Brake and Non-Clutch/Brake Applications, Safe Cylinder Return Valves, and Load Holding Valves.

Base mounted valves and serial bus communication including ISO, ANSI, SAE, Serial Communications, W14 and Pack Series.

Inline mounted valves include the original ROSS Poppet Dale Series, Poppet 27 and 21 Series, Directional Spool Valves 95 Series and more.

Manual & Mechanical Valves include Push Button Valves, Selector Switch Valves, Lever Valves, Pedal & Treadle Valves and more.

Flow Control Valves offer reliability in the poppet construction and easy installation with inline mounting in either NPT & BSPP port threads.

A variety of ROSS accessory products that complement ROSS products including; Silencers, Electrical Connectors, Pop-Up Indicators, and Pressure Switches.