Clippard 3 Way 2 Position Air Valves

2 Way, 3 Way and 4 Way Air Valves
2-way, 3-way and 4-way Air Valve

Clippard 1, 2 3 & 4 Way Air Control Valve

Clippard MTV/MJTV Series Pneumatic Toggle Valves are made for controlling pneumatic cylinders.

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How does a 3 way air valve work?

The below will give you a brief understanding of how a 3 way 2 position air valve works and also a 4 way air valve.

3-way valves have a supply, outlet and exhaust port. When the toggle is in the “on” position, air flows from the inlet to the outlet and the exhaust port is blocked. Moving the toggle to the “off” position closes the inlet and opens the outlet to the exhaust port which vents the outlet to atmosphere.

4-way valves can supply and exhaust two different outlets, and are commonly used with double-acting cylinders. When the toggle is in one position, air flows from the inlet to one of the outlets. The second outlet is open to the exhaust port which is vented to the atmosphere. Moving the toggle to the opposite position opens the inlet to the second outlet while exhausting the first outlet. 4-way fully-ported valves can be plumbed in a dual pressure inlet configuration to save air consumption.

These valves are mainly used to control air cylinders and can be known as air cylinder control valves. A vital part of the system as the air cylinder needs to be controlled correctly to ensure your production.

These valves are used in a variety of pneumatic machinery and it can be difficult to understand what you need so please get in contact with our knowledgeable team and we can point you in the right direction.


  • Compact, rugged construction
  • Proven reliability
  • Air, Water or Oil
  • #10-32 or 1/8″ NPT threaded ports
  • Brass body, Nitrile seals, stainless steel stem and spring
  • Steel or plastic toggles
3 Way Control Valve
Clippard 4 way air control valve
2 Way, 3 Way, 4 Way and 5 Way Performance Air flow Valve Chart


Medium: Air, Water or Oil

Input Pressure: 150 psig max.; MJTV-3: 300 psig max.

Mounting: 15/32-32 thread; nut and lockwashers included

Materials: Brass body, Nitrile seals, stainless steel stem and spring

Air Flow:
MTV-2: 113 l/min @ 50 psig, 200 l/min @ 100 psig
MTV-3: 113 l/min @ 50 psig, 190 l/min @ 100 psig
MTV-4, MTV-5: 170 l/min @ 50 psig, 280 l/min @ 100 psig

Force to Rotate Toggle:
MTV-2, MTV-4, MJTV-4: 12 oz.
MTV-3, MTV-5, MJTV-3, MJTV-5: 16 oz. nominal

How to Use a TV-4D as a 3-Position Selector Valve

This simple pneumatic logic circuit is a nice solution for applications requiring 3 outputs with one toggle valve. There are many multiposition selector valves on the market, but this solution from Clippard is very cost competitive and robust with an exceptionally low leak rate.

The center position of the valve gives no pilot signal to the PAVO which is normally open. The PAVO is now flowing air and giving the output for the center position of the toggle valve.

In either the up or down position of the valve, a signal will go to the PAVO via a shuttle valve that pilots the PAVO closed. The output from the toggle up or down position is also teed off for the other 2 outlets. Now all three positions of the TV-4D will provide individual outlets.

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