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Infinity Pipe Systems Airline Pipe Solutions   Infinity Pipe Systems

Pneumatics Direct Australia is the master distributor of Infinity Pipe Systems in Australia.

Infinity Pipe Systems is a high performing complete aluminium airline pipe system, complemented with easy install fittings, filters, hoses and accessories. The Infinity push-in connector system is as simple as pushing the pipes together for automatic connection, with no welding, gluing or crimping.

The Infinity compressed airline pipe is available in air, nitrogen and vacuum, and in an extensive range of diameters. The non–corrosive extruded aluminium provides structural strength and delivers contaminate-free fluid in a leak-free piping system. The full range of infinity pipe systems compressed airline piping products are available at

The smooth bore of Infinity piping prevents high-pressure losses and allows for higher flow rates and performance than that of other systems. No fluid leakage ensures minimum running costs.

Infinity Pipe Systems compressed airline parts provide a complete selection of aluminium components to build a high performing compressed air piping system. Pneumatics Direct Australia are available to assist with a dedicated pneumatic specialists and project management team.

Compressed Air Fittings

Aluminium compressed air pipe and fittings, 20-110mm diameters available, compatible with compressed air, nitrogen and vacuum systems.

Airline Pipe Filtration

Infinity air pipe filtration is designed to remove solid particles, condensate and odours from the compressed airline pipe system.

Airline Hose & Reels

Compressed air hose, reels, brackets and tubing, that will improve safety, increase productivity and reduce downtime of an air pipe system.

Airline Couplings & Plugs

Infinity Pipe Systems compressed air pipe couplings & plugs boast superior workmanship, ensuring longer service life and excellent durability.

Airline Pipe Accessories

A comprehensive list of compressed air pipe fixings, adapters and other extras to complete an Infinity piping systems compressed air piping solution.

Airline Pipe Safety Controls

ROSS Controls industrial safety energy isolation lockout valves & accessories are compatible with Infinity Pipe Systems compressed air pipe system.