ROSS Controls MCSE Series Double Valve

with EEZ-ON® Soft-Start Function, Internally Monitored
Modular Safety Exhaust (Dump) Control Reliable Double Valve

The MCSE Series valve is enhanced with a modular mounting design, allowing assembly with ROSS MD4TM FRLs for a convenient Air Entry System. The MSCE Series valves are offered in 1/2” port size, G or NPT threads

MCSE Series Double Valves

The safety function of the internal monitored MCSE Series valve is to shut off supply of pneumatic energy, exhaust any pneumatic energy from downstream of the machine, and protect against
unexpected starts.

The ROSS® MCSE Series safety exhaust double valves include the 3/2 normally closed function, dual poppet design, and is using the SERPAR® Crossflow fundamentals. This new MCSE Series control-reliable double valve is designed for internal monitoring for safe redundant operation, with detailed failure diagnosis and display. The adjustable EEZ-ON® Soft Start function allows slower build-up of pressure during start-up and can be disabled if not needed. LED status light indicators aid troubleshooting signaling power on main solenoids, feedback on input signals, actuating status, and fault/no fault condition. Because of an internal safety relay, the valve also could take care of small safety control functions.

Standard Features
  • 3/2 Normally Closed function
  • EEZ-ON® Soft Start function – feature can be disabled if not needed
  • Fail-safe shut-off and exhaust even when faulted
  • Status indication switch (ready-to-run)
  • Modular or threaded port connection
  • Integrated safety relay
  • LED indicators
Standard Specifications

Design: Redundant, 3/2 Normally Closed, Dual Poppet.
Actuation: Electromagnetically externally piloted with air-assisted spring return. One magnet per valve element (2 in total) – both must be operated simultaneously
Mounting Type: Inline mounted – modular/threaded.
Mounting Orientation: Any, preferably vertical.
Flow Media: Compressed air according to ISO 8573-1
Inlet Pressure: 30 to 150 psig (2 to 10 bar).
Ambient Temperature: 40° to 120°F (4° to 50°C).
Media Temperature: 40° to 175°F (4° to 80°C). For temperatures below 40°F (4°C), the compressed air must be dried according to ISO 8573-3, class 7.

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